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You Are Not Us
March 29, 2012 + 12:55 pm = POST #120

I understand the need for the world to adapt and accept “going digital” but there is still nothing like the sound of a press and the smell of ink on paper.

March 29, 2012 + 10:07 am = POST #119

ADC Young Guns competition is back and ready for submissions.

March 27, 2012 + 1:28 pm = POST #118

Check out the six concepts from Jeep here

March 27, 2012 + 11:18 am = POST #117

“As an exercise in the visual language I asked my self “What if Anonymous went corporate!?” With the group being more and more in the media they could need to button up and streamline their appearance to appear more professional whilst unifying the brand experience.

The logotype/mark is anti-authoritative and obviously completely ineligible to stick with the roots of the anarchistic group. Colors are used minimally for optimal effect and focus on content and logo.

The secondary typeface being Arial as a default online typeface – combining ease of use with rebelling against its more popular ‘cousin” Helvetica.

Tone of voice is polite yet in your face as seen on the greeting card (CD).

Photography is based on action focused images combined with iconic/cliche images with hackers/hacking statements etc. Photos should celebrate rebellion and power of the people – in key with the spirit of the organisation all photos have of course not been cleared and/or payed for, making any online image library available to Anonymous.

This project is neither for or against the actions by Anonymous, but simply exploring and playing with the power of visual identity.”

See all of Mads Jakob Poulsen here

March 25, 2012 + 8:30 pm = POST #116

Great Cover! More here

March 16, 2012 + 2:16 pm = POST #115

Not much longer!

March 14, 2012 + 7:33 pm = POST #114

It’s been a long couple of days filled with stress but luckily the new Tim Fite album is amazing and has been keeping positivity within the walls of the studio. Go grab yourself a copy and listen for yourself.

March 13, 2012 + 1:39 pm = POST #113

Just got the newest Portico Quartet album (self-titled) and it is a fantastic listen!!!

March 8, 2012 + 11:10 am = POST #112

March 7, 2012 + 12:23 pm = POST #111

We just got word that our good friends and client (the new site should be live soon) that next week Munitio will be heading down to Austin, Texas to SXSW for a few days of fun, questionable actions, and music. To cap off their first time at SXSW, Munitio has created a Pop-Up Store in conjunction with our friends at Complete Clothing, which will be the only place that the Limited Edition Photek Billets will be released. How limited? Only 15 pairs are available for purchase. This is your only chance to get a hold of the Photek Billets that were previously only available at the 2012 Grammy’s.

The Munitio Pop-Store will only be open for one day, Friday, March 16th 2012, and will feature special in-store appearances from surprise guests and free-giveaways. Because who doesn’t like free stuff and surprises?

Come by, hang out, and try out the best earphones on the planet.