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Sign Painters Movie link

Flip The Script Book. Coming soon link

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Amazing retro covers published for the Schools Council by MacDonald Educational Ltd.London, 1972-1973

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David Pearson designed the 5 new Penguin covers for the George Orwell series. They include Nineteen Eightyfour, Animal Farm, Down and Out in Paris and London, Homage to Catalonia, and Politics and the English Language.





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Such a great look and feel from Daniel Blackman for Pointer Brand. Through the choice of visuals, one can really get the sense of the brands heritage and legacy. I cant wait to see this direction when it goes live online and physically. Such an all around eye catcher.

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A beautiful collection of typefaces produced by Monokrom out of Norway. They may not have a huge selection to choose from so far, but the fonts that are currently available for purchase are all very elegantly thought out and each has its own unique characteristics. Im very drawn to Faunus and am trying to find a use for it. It has a great balance of heavy to thin line weights used to create a really interesting visual appeal.

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A2-type & A2/SW/HK are juggernauts in the realm of design and especially, typography. A2-type is the foundry side of the business, producing some of the awe inspiring fonts in my eyes. Its the attention to the details that has kept me following the career of these two gentlemen. A2/SW/HK is the studio side and churns out a strong, minimal esthetic range of design with a vast client base. Scott and Henrik have the best of both worlds and continue to have the design community astounded.

Check out their newly released video here

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Type Navigator is a useful current handbook of modern fonts, independent foundries, and innovative type designers that provides an overview of today’s vast market.
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For all you typography lovers, Andrew Clifford Capener updated the outdated look of the classic Scrabble game and has turned it into something that shouldn’t be played but displayed.

“The set would come in the font of your choice or with an assorted font pack. The scrabble board and interior box are made out of solid walnut, and the exterior box is made from birch. Each of the 6 board pieces is magnetized to fit together perfectly and each piece slides nicely into its respective slot in the box and is secured by interior magnets as well. The interior of the exterior box as well as the bottoms of the 6 board pieces are lined with cork, to protect them while in use.”