July 10, 2013 + 10:18 am = POST #221







Well after a year or so, I finally made it out of Southern California. I made the long trek across the USA to my new home, Chicago. I love it here! It has only been a little over a week but I can see how this city draws and keeps people here.

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Great night at the velodrome races. Met some great folks and looking forward to help out on some AWLF projects.

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A couple shots from last thursday nights bike ride.

October 22, 2012 + 9:01 am = POST #156

Alejandro Guijarro photographs of prestigious schools quantum mechanics blackboards.

October 11, 2012 + 12:28 pm = POST #145

David Byrne & St.Vincent were so amazing last night. It was great to hear some oldies played.

October 22, 2011 + 3:59 pm = POST #52

Just got my copy of The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott in the mail.

Captain Scott perished with four of his fellow explorers while returning from the South Pole in March 1912. Until now, the legend of the fatal expedition has been based on diaries and sketches and the celebrated photographs of the expedition’s professional photographer, Herbert Ponting. What has not been recognised is that the principal visual record intended to be left to posterity was provided by Scott himself through his own photography. 109 small silver-gelatin contact prints, 4 inches by 3.25 inches (10 cm x 8 cm) in size and stored in a standard black plastic photograph folder, three to a page.┬áThese photographs were fought over, neglected and then lost for more than half a century.

October 11, 2011 + 7:23 pm = POST #46

My buddy Jozias just got back from a trip to the great untamed north and took some amazing pics.