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Alejandro Guijarro photographs of prestigious schools quantum mechanics blackboards.

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Fantastic oil paintings by Adolfo Bimer

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Read more here

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Saville speaks

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One of my close friends, Jessica Fife is just killing it!  First she scores a great job at FUSE and now this! Do it girl.

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And if want more of a beating from Roman, go here and to see the teams work, here

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So after many nights on the veranda, sipping ice cold beers and hearing the ideas of close friend and mad scientist Michael John, has finally got his art game back in full swing. Go check out his amazing creations here and prepare for his upcoming shows right around the corner. Let the onslaught take place

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Hillman passed away at home on April 18th at 6:03 pm in the presence of his loving wife, two children, his sister, sister in law and brother in law. He was 51 years old and died after a long and fiercely fought battle with colon cancer.

Hillman deeply loved his work, all of it — film directing, graphic design, all aspects of new media — and he especially loved his talented mentors, friends and students in these fields. His favorite topic was inspiration and he made sure to surround himself with it and find it in everything — his colleagues, his family, New York City, art, film and all of you.

He loved you all and took energy from those with whom he corresponded, exchanged ideas and with his fans.

Sweet Prince Hill, true gentleman, good dad and passionate artist, Rest in Peace.

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Architect Peter Zumthor designed this memorial on an island in Norway to commemorate the suspected 91 witches who were burned at the stake there in the seventeenth century.The first structure comprises a pine scaffolding framework, inside which is a suspended fabric cocoon containing a long oak-floored corridor. Inside this corridor, light bulbs hang behind 91 windows along with a plaque to record the individual stories of every victim.

The installation by late Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) , entitled The Damned, The Possessed and The Beloved, occupies the smoked-glass-clad second structure. A circle of mirrors within surround and reflect a flaming steel chair inside a hollow concrete cone.

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Aizone’s Spring / Summer 2011 Campaign by Sagmeister Inc.