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Talk about attention to detail. This jacket by Freewheelers & Co out of Japan is next on the purchase list.

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1. Rocking Carol (a.k.a. We Will Rock You)
2. Ode To Joy

“We can’t remember if this was Xmas present to the Hacienda regulars or just a crazy idea. Certainly it involved taking a New Order piece that they’d recorded for a local TV Xmas special the previous year and making a flexi out of it. As far as we remember it was Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, but we don’t have a record player any more so we can’t be sure.”

A Limited edition of 4400 were given away at the Haçienda, Christmas Eve, 1982.

The Download link will be removed on 1 January 2013 so get it now

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Great piece on artist, thinker and all around interesting guy Oliver Jeffers

December 14, 2012 + 7:57 pm = POST #186

Very excited for the release of Woodkids full length album. Stumbled on this video today going through my RSS feed and totally forgot how good his first EP was. If you are not familiar with Woodkid (Yoann Lemoine) you might now his videos that have been floating around the web for some time now. He has also directed for such names like Drake, Rihanna, Lana (duck lips) Del Rey and Katy Perry. The guy has some serious vision and talent.

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Such a great look and feel from Daniel Blackman for Pointer Brand. Through the choice of visuals, one can really get the sense of the brands heritage and legacy. I cant wait to see this direction when it goes live online and physically. Such an all around eye catcher.

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If you don’t know, go listen and download Debbie Millman’s podcast here

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Not only does the Japanese brand, MUCU make high quality writing and office supplies, they always have the absolute greatest minimal packaging. I love the fact that this pen comes in your choice of steal or polish brass.

December 12, 2012 + 5:39 pm = POST #181

Very cool app designed by Field and an interesting documentary behind its creators process in making a non-linear film about a world in turmoil.

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Very elegant limited edition print from Stellavie out of Hamburg, Germany.

December 7, 2012 + 12:19 pm = POST #178

A beautiful collection of typefaces produced by Monokrom out of Norway. They may not have a huge selection to choose from so far, but the fonts that are currently available for purchase are all very elegantly thought out and each has its own unique characteristics. Im very drawn to Faunus and am trying to find a use for it. It has a great balance of heavy to thin line weights used to create a really interesting visual appeal.