September 26, 2011 + 10:55 am = POST #23

Last night at the Hollywood Bowl:

TV on the Radio
Arctic Monkeys
Panda Bear
Smith Westerns

Thanks Mandi

September 22, 2011 + 7:46 pm = POST #22

MOCA members unite

September 22, 2011 + 1:21 pm = POST #21

If you work in the creative industry at all, this poster should be at eye level and right in front of your desk at all times. Buy it here

September 22, 2011 + 1:15 pm = POST #20

I hope this has one of those “chaos reigns” moments

September 22, 2011 + 1:05 pm = POST #19

The words of John Coffer are inspirational and can be applied to any medium. What an amazing thought process.

September 22, 2011 + 12:59 pm = POST #18

Just stumbled on the video for the band Youth Lagoon. Fantastic video for a fantastic song.

September 20, 2011 + 9:58 am = POST #17

We were asked to contribute to Nicotine magazine and last night it went live for all the world to see. Take a look

September 19, 2011 + 7:22 pm = POST #16

With every season that the RRL team pushes out, you can just see the attention to their branding detail in every aspect that the apply it to. The current lookbook imagery is just another example of the heritage that this brand oozes. Take a look at the entire book on the site. Hey Ed, can you please get that job and then hire me as an CD.

September 19, 2011 + 7:00 pm = POST #15

Love the piece, only wish the music was a bit more fitting to the subject matter. but Great job Minji Hong

September 19, 2011 + 6:58 pm = POST #14

This would work well in any house or studio. Sculpture by Markus Raetz